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We are donating all money raised from the sale of our paper bags to the Centrepoint charity, helping give homeless young people a future

Natural Kitchen is committed to reducing the impact of its business on the environment so we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and so have teamed up with Centrepoint to help the young homeless of London by donating all monies collected from the sale of our paper bags.

Natural Kitchen currently hands out over 8,000 bags a month. Through charging and donating the money we hope to reduce use, promote re-use and at the same time help others.

Although all of our hot drinks cups, juice cups and packaging is either recycled and/or compostable for instance, our cutlery is made of starch so will literally dissolve when discarded, all use should be kept to a minimum as there is still an environmental impact to make them and deliver them to our businesses.

*Centrepoint is a registered charity: no. 292411

centre point charity

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